A cool space at Onondaga Community College

A cool space at Onondaga Community College

Onondaga Community College has recently completed a neat project for our student-run campus restaurant.

The restaurant serves as both a functioning classroom for aspiring chefs and as a food service eatery for the campus community. Recently, the AV department was tasked with renovating the AV systems in the kitchen proper in order to make instruction more engaging to the students. The end result came out great

Each student station has its own monitor positioned to allow the students to cook and reference the screen. The Instructor Chef’s station has a PTZ camera ceiling mounted so that students can watch the meal preparation progress in real time.

Sony Camera, Telemetrics camera controller, Extron guts, and Samsung Televisions. We’ve included a Shure wireless mic system in the room as well so that the instructor can be heard over the food prep. All told, the room came in just a hair under $25,000. Not bad for that many monitors!

The only change I would have considered now is a more “rechargeable” microphone system. Changing out the batteries can be time consuming, and having a charging station for the body pack would be highly preferable.

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For more information, here’s a nice write up on the Kitchen and Restaurant

~Kelly Larrivey, OCC

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