Meet ED – SUNY Albany

From time to time we like to feature some of our members in a new section of the site we call: Meet ED.

Here we will showcase some of our members who may be new to SUNY or perhaps have been with SUNY for a long and adventurous career. This month we feature one of our members from SUNY Albany.

  1. Name:  Kyle Pulliam
  2. Campus:  Albany
  3. Years with SUNY:  11 years as an undergraduate/graduate;  almost 17 years as an employee
  4. Degree(s):  BA in Theatre; MA in Theatre; BS in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
  5. Main areas of responsibility:  My unit of Information Technology Services supports and maintains the technology in most of the classrooms and conference rooms on the three UAlbany campus locations.  We facilitate the installations, cyclical replacements, and operational training of the technology used by the faculty and staff, as well as the computers in the public user rooms in the three Libraries on campus.
  6. Other experience before (or during) SUNY career:  Prior to my SUNY career, for twelve years, I was the technical director and subsequently the production manager for two theatres located in the Egg in downtown Albany.
  7. Other interests outside work:  I’m always interested in what my two kids are up to now that they have grown up and left the house—they are a lot of fun to be around.  I enjoy traveling with my wife, regularly camping with a core group of friends (almost 40 years now), and playing guitar in my brother’s band.

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