STC 2017 EdTOA Session List

Greetings EdTOAns!

A brief update on our SUNY Technology Conference, held again in Lake Placid, NY:

We’ve completed the EdTOA track for the conference, and here are the great sessions you can join:



~EdTOA General Business Meeting and Announcements



~The $5500 Digital Classroom

~Birds of a Feather – Community Colleges

~The AV Wireless Shootout

~Help Yo Self! Building a Lecture Capture Room That’s High Quality / Low Support



~The AV Technician’s Guide to Networking, with Networking

~It’s All About Captioning

~The Math of Digital….as understood by a Doofus

~Infocomm Event – The AV Exceptional Experience


If any of you would like to go to STC, but are finding the registration fee prohibitive, please complete and submit the attached form to our Chair, Todd Benzin (aka me) at, since some scholarship opportunities do exist. Generally, these grants cover the cost of STC registration and are reserved for those who have never been to the SUNY Technology Conference or have not been in the past five years. Download the Application: 2017 STC Scholarship Application.


Hope to see you all there!

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