Meet Pete Houghton of SCCC!

Name: Pete Houghton

Campus: SUNY Schenectady County Community College

Years with SUNY: 45

Degree: AAS in Audio Visual Communications from SUNY Alfred

Main areas of responsibility: Since 2011 I have been handling special events and classroom technology. When I started at SCCC we had 1/4″ reel audio tape, 1″ & 1/2″ reel video. 16mm film and overhead projectors.

Other Experience: I’ve been a regional rep for EdTOA, as well as Chair. I’ve served on the SUNY Technology Conference Planning Committee since 1996.

Other Interests: I also do sound for a bluegrass band ( We were on the bill for a Pete Seeger, Clearwater fund raiser this past weekend at The Linda in Albany. Many, many years ago I worked with another local band called Fire in the Kitchen and prior to that, Natches Trace. Mixing music is on the top of my list of things I love to do!

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