Hands on with the Logitech Meetup

Hands on with the Logitech Meetup

We installed this Logitech camera in two of our conference rooms and found it to be generally pretty fantastic. Included are a handful of photos to show its quality, positioning, and capabilities. Of course I can’t show everything with a photo (like its microphone and control options) so I’ll do my best to do it justice with words. The camera can be mounted on the top or bottom of the TV with the simple mounting kit available for it. We placed ours on top of the camera as such:

It gives a complete view of the conference room and records in a 1920×1080 resolution. The image is clear and concise, which can be seen from the following two photos:

Clearly the top photo was taken from my phone, but the second one was a direct screen capture from the camera itself. In the second picture you can see a water bottle in the center of the table, which I’ll use to show the zoom capabilities in the following photo:

So, not only does it have enough zoom to get that much closer to the bottle, the quality doesn’t suffer much, and it has control options to aim the camera where it needs to be, with a full range that could reach nearly every point in the room, all of which is controlled with this remote:

The remote is easy to use and controls every aspect of the camera, including the built in microphone and speakers. The remote allows for camera position presets to be programmed to the two bottom buttons, but can always be returned to its initial position by hitting the Home button. The microphone can pick up speech from at least 25 feet, and the speakers are noise cancelling so there will never be an echo. Frankly I was amazed at two things from this device:

1. The overall quality of every part of it; the sturdiness, the video and sound quality, the peripherals, all of it is top notch.

2. How easy it is to use. Setup is quick and easy, and all of the controls are intuitive and linear. There’s no hassle in making it work with Zoom or Skype.

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