PHP MyAdmin is a thing?

So, we didn’t have the right software installed on our cPanel to get the work done today. ITEC is being super helpful though and has offered to install it for me. I didn’t realize you could install cPanel without PHP MyAdmin but…. TIL. Anyway, thanks to ITEC and Freshy for being cool about this. Next – Populating Campus Lists

New roadblock

Well, I can whitelist my developer to access our home server. So, they must travel here to do the work. I offered to wash his car in exchange for working with me. (just kidding – I asked one of my techs to wash his car :)) Next – OH! You need PHP MyAdmin?    

Sneak Preview Today

Today I showed off the site to a few people. I am always nervous to do sneak previews because I have to preface so many things with “This isn’t working yet but it will”. 🙂 This is a pretty easy site though so it’s more fun than anything. In other news, our swag has started to arrive. Next – Log-ins are working (again)