Stonybrook’s Active Learning Classroom

Frey Hall 119 is an active learning classroom. It has 32 work stations, that can hold 6 students each. Each station has a Dell computer, 42″ 4K monitor, mouse and keyboard. Students and faculty can also share content throughout the room, using the Mirror 360 app, from the work station or their own personal device. There are also 16 dual sided, standing huddle boards and 36 personal white boards. Submitted by John Connolly

Zoom Room

Submitted by Edward Brunet Jr, of Stony Brook University I have a two fold application for this program. First it is a COVID response to teaching large lecture Hall style classes and not having a faculty member feel like they are stuck behind a laptop in their home. In the classroom setup, they are standing, as normal behind a lectern. They have 3 screens to look at, to engage with their class. Far left their class roster, middle is the active speaker (minus the person lecturing), far right is the shared presentation. In the board room style, I have incorporated...