Empire State College

Name Department Department Website Local Title N.Y.S. Title Office Phone Email
Joshua Gaul Information Technology Services www.esc.edu/its Director of Educational and Emerging Technology     Joshua.Gaul@esc.edu
Nathan Whitley-Grassi Information Technology Services www.esc.edu/edtech Assistant Director for Educational Technology   716-686-7825 Nathan.whitley-Grassi@esc.edu
Kay Watkins   www.esc.edu/edtech       kay.watkins@esc.edu
Debbie Kearns Technical Support Services www.esc.edu/edtech Asst. Director, Technical Support Services (ITS)     debbie.kearns@esc.edu
Edward Peck   www.esc.edu/edtech Educ Tech Admin   518-580-4905 debbie.kearns@esc.edu
Jim Merola   www.esc.edu/edtech Technical Support Specialist   518-587-2100 ext 2283 jim.merola@esc.edu
Kevin Bane     AV Applications Administrator     Kevin.Bane@esc.edu
Cynthia Burgher           Cynthia.Burgher@esc.edu
Norana Cantrell Educational and Emerging Technologies www.esc.edu/its Educational Technologist Educational Technologist   Norana.Cantrell@esc.edu
Adam Deyglio Information Technology Services   Instructional Technologist Instructional Technologist   adam.deyglio@esc.edu
Kali Zahn Technical Support Services www.esc.edu/edtech Technology Support Coordinator     kali.zahn@esc.edu
Lindsay Bryde Emerging and Educational Technologies https://www.esc.edu/its/educational-technology/     631-496-3837 x6837 Lindsay.Bryde@esc.edu
Jon Easton Emerging and Educational Technologies https://www.esc.edu/its/educational-technology/ Educational Technologist   (315) 460-3192 jon.easton@esc.edu
Gregory Milunich ITS https://www.esc.edu/its/educational-technology/ Educational Technologist   607-760-1382 gregory.milunich@esc.edu


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